Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Year Could Be Our Year

Photo source:  Kalnai by Jokübus Mulerskas

Perhaps my favorite New Years moment this year was shortly after midnight, when my mother hugged me and said, "This is going to be a good year."  The past year wasn't easy, but she still feels hopeful.  My mom truly is the strongest person I know.

I have high hopes for the new year, too.  I don't usually consider myself an optimistic person, but I always tend to feel positive around New Years time.  I like the idea of taking the new year as a clean slate.  And even if I don't always keep my resolutions to the letter, I do feel like I've grown as a person and loved more every year, and those are the important things in life.  When I get caught up in the details I have to remind myself of the big picture, and remember that "someday this pain will be useful to you." (Ovid)

I do have a few resolutions that I want to hold myself to:
1.  Read at least 25 books
2.  Learn HTML5 and CSS, as well as the Adobe Creative Suite applications
3.  Practice yoga
4.  Grow fresh herbs for my kitchen
5.  Eat more whole foods

What resolutions do y'all have for this year?  I'd love to hear them in the comments.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a curation of detox recipes for those of us who want a break from all the heavy holiday foods.  I know I had a hard time resisting all the delicious fudge my aunt made while she was visiting for Christmas.

Here's to a healthy and fulfilling new year!


  1. I want to grow herbs! That sounds like fun! Except...I don't really know how to cook with herbs. Help? Haha. (:

  2. I have an excellent chive biscuit recipe I should give you. That's my favorite herb to use, so I'm definitely going to get a chive plant. Let's hope I haven't inherited my mom's bad gardening luck :P