Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixtape #4: Jangly Pop

School has been crazy busy lately, hence the lack of new posts the past couple of weeks.  I am going to try to work on some at the end of this week after my exams are done and schedule them for spring break.

For a quick post tonight I decided to post a playlist I've been compiling for some time now.  My boyfriend asked me once what kind of music I liked best and I jokingly said "jangly pop!"  The label has stuck, and when we listen to music together he'll say, "This is so Caroline, this is so jangly!"  I should note that for some weird reason most of this music originates from Australia... maybe they're just more cheerful there in general?

I hope you enjoy the mix!  Let me know if y'all have any requests for playlists (genres, occasions, etc.).

If you're battling through midterms like I am, hang in there, and good luck!

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