Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Leaf: Mixtape #2

Photo Credit:   Chillhiro on Flickr

Here's mix #2 in the New Years series.  It's less gloomy than the first one, promise!  

These songs are great to listen to while you're deciding on your New Years resolutions.  I'll be sharing mine on Tuesday.  I know some people are anti-resolutions (my mom included), but it helps me to have some concrete goals.  Now if only I was better at following them. 

With my boyfriend spending the holidays in Pennsylvania with his family, I don't have any exciting New Years Eve plans so far.  I used to always spend the evening with him when his family still lived in Texas.  I'll probably relax at the house with my parents, have some hot tea next to the fire, and play a nice game of trivial pursuit.  Strangely, I don't feel tempted to go out.  The older I get (and especially the closer I get to graduating from college), the more I realize how precious spending time with my parents is.  One day in the not so distant future I'll be living on my own (well, with Josh), and I might not even live in Texas.  But I won't dwell on that now!

The cover art for today's mix is a photo by Amy Merrick.  I've been admiring her floral arrangements and styling for a long time.  Her blog is also a refreshing read.  If I ever make it up to the New England area I'd love to take one of her classes.  


Photo credit:  Amy Merrick

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