Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Blues: Mixtape #1

What better time to start a new blog than the beginning of a new year?

This blog is going to be about many things:  fashion, design, food, beauty, music, and whatever else I'm feeling excited about.

I thought I'd kick things off with a playlist series, because first posts are awkward and I feel like a glimpse into someone's music taste is a great introduction.

I'm a compulsive playlist maker.  I've made an iTunes playlist for every month since about 2007.  Being in a long distance relationship, I take a lot of road trips, and I usually make a new playlist each time.  I even have a playlist of music I heard while shopping in Anthropologie (thank goodness for the Shazam app).  Some might say I have a problem, but I like to think it's harmless.

I set out to make a playlist for New Year's Eve and it started to get out of control (something tells me a 60+ song playlist would be unwelcome).  I couldn't keep the tone consistent, but I did start to notice a few patterns cropping up.  So here's the plan:

Today:  Part 1 "New Years Blues" (or am I the only one who gets a little melancholy when another year ends?)
Sunday:  Part 2 "New Year, New Leaf" (more hopeful/upbeat songs)
Monday:  Part 3 "New Years Eve Party" (goes great with friends and champagne)

My only disclaimer is that these songs seem New Years-y to me, but might not to anyone else.

The cover art is a beautiful painting by Devon Smith, aka Deerface on Etsy.

I hope y'all enjoy!
-Caroline Grace

New Years Blues from fatalistpalmistry on 8tracks Radio.
Photo credit:  Devon Smith

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