Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mixtape #9: Best of Australia

I swear that eventually I will post something that is NOT an 8tracks mixtape, but for right now that's all I have time for.

Cover art for Tame Impala's first LP, Inner Speaker

This hasn't been the best semester for me personal-life-wise, but school is going well (seven more weeks!) and I'm enjoying my internship with Battleground Texas (the field organizing branch of Wendy Davis' campaign for governor).  So for now I'm trying, not always successfully, to stay positive and focus on the good things in my life.  Just keeping it real ;)

Anyway, I'd been planning on sharing this playlist for a while.  It occurred to me one day that I just have an awful lot of music by Australian bands.  I would love to visit Australia not just for the amazing natural beauty, but also to get to see some of these great bands that never or rarely make it to the states.  I did get to see Tame Impala last October here in Dallas, but I wish it had been at a better venue.

I might also need to do a Best of the United Kingdom playlist...  Another day!

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