Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY Picnic and a Family Trip

I am writing this post from my aunt and uncle's house in Tennessee!  Clarksville to be precise, where both my parents are from.  We're here for my Oma's 88th birthday/Stefko family reunion.  All nine of my dad's siblings will be here for the party tomorrow.

We went to visit Oma today for a few hours.  She was very surprised to see us, but I don't think she'll be surprised about the party we're all throwing for her tomorrow.  After having a surprise party every year for the past few, I'm pretty sure she's cottoned on by now.

We had some delicious dachi that my aunts Jane and Teresa made.  It's a German apple pastry recipe my Oma's taught us all to make.  She assures me that it's not a secret family recipe, so I'll probably share it here on the blog soon.  The secret is getting the apples nice and thin.

It's great seeing my relatives that I usually only see once a year, at most.  Even better, my sister is coming down from Indiana tomorrow with my niece and nephews for the party, and then they're coming back to Texas with us for a couple weeks.  I can't wait to see them!

Now for today's post.  I've had picnics on the mind lately.  The weather's not scorchingly hot yet, so now is the perfect time to take a blanket and a basket out to the park with some good food and a bottle of wine.  Here are some pieces that would be perfect for a picnic with your family, your partner, or a friend!

Top row:  A Perfect Day for a Picnic cookbook by Tori Finch // Circo cheese board at BB&Beyond //  To-Go Ware utensil set
Middle row:  Korken bottle from IKEA // Bamboo picnic basket from World Market // Center Border kitchen towels from West Elm (set of 4, comes with other colors)
Bottom row:  Queen hammock from Yellow Leaf Hammocks // Rustic European picnic blanket from Williams-Sonoma // Sangria from Llano Estacado

One thing I learned while researching picnic baskets:  THEY ARE EXPENSIVE.  This one, however, is a reasonably-priced and simple model from World Market.  A lot picnic baskets I saw online had pockets and lining and all sorts of nonsense inside, but I figure it's more fun to take a couple kitchen towels (like this one from West Elm) to line the basket yourself and keep food clean and protected.  I thought the clear bottles from IKEA would be great for bringing along some iced tea or water.  And if you're picnicking in the backyard, a hammock would be nice for a post-food nap.  Surely I am not the only person who takes naps after eating sometimes...

The sangria is from a Texas label (go local!) and it is delicious.  Highly recommended.

Anthropologie has a lot of great cookbooks (like the one I featured last post).  I saw this one the other day and thought it was pretty neat, because it has recipes for different themes (cuisine, occasion, etc.).  And I am pretty clueless about what foods are portable/fairly non-perishable for a picnic.

On that note, do y'all have any recipes that would be great to take along on a picnic?  Please share!

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